Jenna Mullinger didn’t start out with a grand plan to make her own range of eco-friendly products from her home on the Hibiscus Coast, NZ. She started with a passion for keeping it natural.

When her first baby was peacefully napping in the next room (‘coz that’s how it works right?) she started blogging about her natural beauty finds. After she discovered that a lot of the good stuff wasn’t available here in New Zealand, Jenna started to sell them herself... Oh Natural was born.

Two more children, and an online business later, Jenna started her new mission.

SustainaBLAH is just what it sounds like. From our business cards made from recycled t-shirts to our glitzy rose gold razor, everything is designed with our environmental footprint in mind.

Jenna still doesn’t have a grand plan – but she knows that whatever she does, it won’t go to waste. Watch this space, there’s so much more to come.